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Paipo Bodyboards

The Paipo (pae-po'o) is a wooden board considered to be the first Bodyboard designed to be used with the user's body lying down on a wave.

Each Ahua Paipo is custom-made, using only solid paulownia wood.

Crafted 100% by hand with a minimal impact on the environment, Paipo is the most user-friendly bodyboard in the world.

The Paipos have a reputation for being challenging boards - a reputation which is well earned. Bodyboard technology has progressed rapidly in the last few decades, creating boards with more flotation, that are more disposable and easier to use to surf. While these advances have made bodyboarding more accessible to more people than ever before, still, the vast majority have never tried the purest and most original form of bodyboarding - with the Paipo board.

Send us your height, weight, and preferences, and we will build your custom Ahua Paipo. Our goal is to give users a pure bodyboarding experience.