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Bodysurfing is the simplest form of surfing a wave. The Handboard is a hand held board that gives you more glide when surfing a wave with the body, providing more direction and speed.

Handboards are for everybody that enjoys playing with waves, surfers, bodyboarders and other wave sports riders. We offer a variety of Handboard for all skill levels. From beginner level just looking to catch some waves while on the beach to pro level looking for best performance, we have the right Handboard for you!


Beginner level: Just want to learn bodysurfing or catch some waves while out on the beach? These are the right Handboards for you!

Models available: CoasterPro modelSpecialJunior


Experienced level: Already a surfer or bodyboarder and looking to catch awesome waves? These are the right Handboards for you!

Models available: ClassicNano handboards


Pro level - Looking for the best performance possible PLUS be 100% sustainable? These are the right Handboards for you!

Models available: UltraTwinPaulownia 9.5”Paulownia 12.5”Cork 9.5”Cork 12.5”


Reboard - 100% Recycled plastic

Wrong - Super discount for Handoards that didn't have the required quality, but assure perfect performance. Never used!


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