It was with perfect waves that the first bodysurfing championship at Praia do Norte Nazaré, the Ahua Masters of the Temple powered by DMC Fins, kicked off . 
Nazaré offered excellent conditions for bodysurfing on an epic sunny day with offshore breezes. 
The winner of the event was Jonathan Despergers who won the wildcard of the DMC Fins. Their partners in the final were Arthur Picard, António Stott, Miguel Rocha, Tomás Alves and Nathan Lehoux, classified in this order. 


"I am really happy to have won the contest and also to be in the final with Arthur and Nathan. (..) This was my first time in Nazaré but it will not be the last .."  

Who went to Praia do Norte was contaminated by the good energy that marked the entire event. With the growing swell throughout the day, the abundant sets brought perfect waves that rose to two meters high. The shouts of public enthusiasm on the beach made up for the long waiting period. 
One of the highlights was the perfect 10 by Arthur Picard's, in a heat in which he scored 18.17, thus obtaining the prize of the best wave and best total in the heat. 

The best Portuguese was António Stott in 3rd place, pioneer in bodysurfing in Praia do Norte and first National Champion of Bodysurf. 

"It's a dream come true for me to share and compete in these incredible waves. I'm super happy and grateful." 

Outside the competition was the Expression Session, a relaxed opportunity for those who did not enter the main event, show off their bodysurfing and celebrate what unites us. The winner was Nuno Mesquita with a tube in a set wave. 
"I am very grateful to my colleagues in the organization for letting me go to the water! For me, it is a privilege to surf Praia do Norte and be part of this edition nº1."
The event ran smoothly, to the satisfaction of the organization and all intervenients. All athletes stepped up to the waves and performed well throughout the day. The highlight for the international athletes who gave a good input in the event. Dino Casimiro, the representative of the Municipality of Nazaré, was happy with the event.
"I did not know that Praia do Norte was good for bodysurfing, and for me it is amazing because we were not expecting that, it is a pleasure to receive you in Nazaré, you will always be welcome."
The Masters of the Temple is a special event with unique conditions and characteristics, the goal is to find one day with perfect conditions, for the best bodysurfing performance. The organization opted by a large window period and a 72 h call. As Nuno Mesquita, the Ahua founder said,
"We already knew that the call in Praia do Norte would be a great challenge and we are very happy with the final result. We appreciate the confidence we had from all the players and we are considering a new edition."
The organization of AHUA - Masters of the Temple powered by DMC Fins is in charge of Ahua, in partnership with CDAN - Center of Alternative Sports of Nazaré. It’s sponsored by DMC Fins, Nomad Glamper, STAY SALTY, Praia do Norte, Wavegliders Surf Shop, SecretSpot, Miramarbbshop, and Fura Beach Surf Store.
Institutional support by Município da Nazaré, Junta de Freguesia de Nazaré, Federação Portuguesa de Surf, Capitania da Nazaré, Associação Nadadores Salvadores da Nazaré, Associação Humanitária Bombeiros Voluntários da Nazaré, Pizzaria Artesanal, Associação Portuguesa de Surf Adaptado, ASCC Bodyboard & Bodysurf, e AHMS-Museu do Surf.
Media partners: The Inertia,, SPORT TV, Vert Magazine, ONFIRE, @WEBODYSURFERS, The Bodysurfing Shop, @RESSONANCE.
The event webcast was powered by Municipality of Nazaré and MEO. 
Photo credits: Praia do Norte
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