It's the fastest, most versatile and responsive Alai'a.

This classic design features parallel rails with sharp edges, a hull entry to a single concave square tail.


  • The King Alai'a creates the feeling of pure surfing, like you're gliding on water
  • Made from carefully selected Paulownia wood for the smoothest ride and lightest weight and from 99% Organic materials
  • Unique Portuguese Cork buffer that protects the fin from damage
  • Hand crafted to by Portugal's finest shaper, Nuno Mesquita, to be the fastest surfboard possible and custom made for you
  • Combines speed and maneuverability in perfect balance creating a board that can handle any wave while being incredibly fast on the waves
  • Can be varnished once for a lifetime or use our linseed oil and beeswax high performance finishing for the ultimate surf
  • Rides small waves with ease
  • No fin allows easy and rapid surfing on shallow reefs, no drag on the water
  • Classic Hawaiian Alai'a style lets you surf like the Ancient Surfers
  • Guaranteed for Quality and Satisfaction
  • Comes with a maintenance kit so you have everything you need
  • Flexes in the water, providing safety on large waves
  • Intermediate to Advanced board, built for the Surfer who wants a challenge


Length from 5'10'' up to 6'6''

Wide up to 17''

Thickness 1''

How do i choose my alaia support: 
[email protected]

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